Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cabbage Patch Kids 16" Magic Glow Doll - Blonde

Cabbage Patch Kids 16" Magic Glow Doll - Blonde

Cabbage Patch Kids 16 ">

A Collectors Item
I played h these dolls forever, and naturally when they returned I bought them for my daughter. I am rating this product on the older dolls, mainly cause for seven years * 2, I have bought my daughter a CPK for collection purposes. She loves them, and I buy the old vinatage ones for her to play with, the new ones are kept and stored. These dolls are adoable, come in every race you can imagine, are extremly durable, and are constantly getting a new update. I love their smell the most, but I did give it 3 stars for educational value because they all come with birth certificates and adoption papers. As with any child this will be a doll who will be their baby so naturally parenting will come into play as well. I love CPK and am a huge supporter of the long time maker.

Cabbage Patch Kids 16" Magic Glow Doll - Blonde Features

  • Now your Cabbage Patch is fun to play with in the light and ?the dark!
  • Really glows in the dark from head to toe
  • Hours of fun to play with great new hairstyles and their glow in the dark hair
  • Even the hairbrush is glow in the dark for play at night Their clothes have glow through the outfit Even their shoes glow in the dark
  • As always, each Cabbage Patch Kid includes a special name, birth certificate and adoption papers

Cabbage Patch Kids 16" Magic Glow Doll - Blonde Description

Description : Magic Glow Surprise Cabbage Patch Kids glow from head to toe, so you can play with them in the light or in the dark. These kids not only come with great new hairstyles, but glow-in-dark hair! Even the hairbrush glows in the dark, so girls can groom and brush the doll's hair day or night. Each fabulous fashion glows throughout -- right down to the shoes. And as always, these Cabbage Patch Kids each come with a special name, birth certificate, adoption papers, hairbrush and stickers. Batteries not required. Doll measures 14" tall.Every Cabbage Patch Kid is unique in his or her own special way and may be different from the image shown. When you decide to adopt, your little bundle of joy will arrive wearing a special outfit handpicked especially for him or her and will be a true one-of-a-kind, just like your child.As if these adorable, cuddly dolls aren’t enough fun in the light, now you can play with them in the dark, too! Turn out the lights to see the Magic Glow Cabbage Patch Kid doll...

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